The stakeholders network

Parco Italia is a synergetic project that thrives on partnerships with companies, associations and citizens across the whole country.

The Parco Italia team aims to connect people by constantly developing a network of contacts between local administrators, forestry experts, non-governmental organisations, private stakeholders, policymakers, urban planners and individuals who care about the future of the country's green infrastructure.

Within the stakeholders network, we share a set of strategies, vision, practical principles, and indicators to identify the most suitable areas for the project. Parco Italia is in continuous dialogue with delegates from each identified territory, through the initiation of multiple consultation phases, to establish a clear implementation programme and overcome any obstacles. We are also open to further enhancing collaboration with landowners, private companies, associations, and organisations through specific agreements.

Another activity involves an overview of national forestry projects undertaken in the past ten years, both public and private, completed and ongoing. This activity helps identify any imbalances in the implementation of such projects in the Italian territory and understand the overall impact they may have on the floriculture supply chain.

The project is willing to further implement partnerships in the future with new landowners, private groups, associations and organisations through specific agreements. The objectives of Parco Italia are to increase the number and typologies of interventions to be undertaken so as to make Parco Italia feasible and ecologically valuable.

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