Parco Italia is a project born from the collaboration between Stefano Boeri Architetti and the AlberItalia Foundation. Its research and implementation activities have been initiated thanks to the support of Amazon.

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Stefano Boeri Architetti

Stefano Boeri Architetti, based in Milan with offices in Shanghai and Tirana, has been dedicated to research and practice in architecture and urban planning since 1993. With constant attention to the geopolitical and environmental implications of urban phenomena, the studio develops architectural and regeneration projects in complex environments and on different continents, promoting and strengthening synergies between the various public and private actors involved in development. This integrated and multidisciplinary approach has allowed Stefano Boeri Architetti to acquire a strongly defined identity and become a point of reference for sustainable architecture, social housing, and strategic urban development at different scales, both in Italy and internationally.

Stefano Boeri Architetti Team

Stefano Boeri, Founder of Stefano Boeri Architetti
Maria Chiara Pastore, Parco Italia Research Coordinator
Livia Shamir, Project Manager, Senior Researcher
Simone Marchetti, Architect and Researcher
Sofia Paoli, Architect and Researcher
Luis Pimentel, Architect and Researcher
Maria Lucrezia De Marco, Communication & Editorial Division Coordinator


AlberItalia is a private, non-profit, and autonomous organisation, recognised as a “third sector” foundation according to Italian norms on non-profit organisations, i.e. an NGO oriented to promote and support services and actions through direct financing opportunities, external donors coordination, and crowdfunding initiatives. The idea for AlberItalia started in 2019, when a group of university professors, researchers, technicians, and representatives of civil society met and discussed the best strategies to mitigate human-induced climate change using nature-based solutions. SISEF (Italian Society of Silviculture and Forest Ecology) coordinated stakeholders from public, private, and civil society sectors upon the official constitution of the AlberItalia Foundation in Spring 2021. During the constitution process, AlberItalia had the support of over 600 public and private institutions, associations, enterprises, committees, and individual citizens from all over Italy.

AlberItalia Foundation Team

Marco Marchetti, President
Sergio Gallo, Director
Fabio Salbitano, Scientific Committee
Giorgio Vacchiano, Scientific Committee
Barbara Mariotti, Consultant Researcher
Angela Rositi, Consultant Researcher



In September 2021, Amazon announced a €20 million allocation for nature-based projects to improve environmental conditions in the communities where it operates across Europe, as part of its Right Now Climate Fund. The first funding from this commitment is for the Parco Italia programme in Italy, which will receive €2 million.